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I have a massive amount of information about children sitting around.and I plan on putting it into this file.  Um, eventually.

I guess I'll start with one of my favorites, though, which is, quite simply, Fun Stuff to Do.  Don't lose touch with this, by the way, even if you don't have a kid!  It will keep you young and put spring into your step.

And of course, there's Choosing a School.  Always a fun focus.  And if you want to touch on background, you can visit Thinking about Education for your Child.  That should give you a helpful  overview to what's out there and the names that everyone is slinging around.  Good to know who you like and who you cannot stand, in my opinion.

Advice for Raising your Kid Sites
These sites contain information and advice for dealing with the terrible one's, two's, three's, and so forth.  (ahem.  All just phases, or so I hear...)

Ivillage's Parents' Soup site has a lot of advice.

Montessori Sites
See the Choosing a School page.

Reggio Emilia
Here is information about the Reggio Emilia approach to education from the Early Education Clearinghouse.  And there's more of a Reggio Emilia discussion in the Thinking about Education for your Child page.

Homeschooling Sites
See the Education page.

Waldorf Sites
My sainted mother is the principal of a continuation high school that uses Waldorf techniques.  They work extremely well and I've grown up (well, spent the last twenty years... when did you grow up?) hearing about Waldorf.

This is an interesting article in Mothering Magazine about the Waldorf folks and their attitudes toward sickness.

See also the Thinking about Education for your Child page and the Choosing a School page.

Jungian Sites
OK.  here's a quickie Jungian page, just because this header was here.  What was I thinking, anyway?  

Stories and Storytelling
I love my Storytelling page. Check it out. 

Books for dreaming
I have a visualization book for children that I read to Simon one night and it put him right to sleep.  I was pretty impressed.  It's called Starbright.  Nothing wierd.  Pretty nice to have around, in case you need to calm your kid some day.

I found this one, however, which is kind of interesting.  A boy and a bear

The lazy parent's solution
Okay, okay, now that I've waxed eloquent, here's a link to some nice, trained voice doing visualizations and storytelling that sounds very good!  It's called Good Night, by Jim Weiss.  OK, here's the Amazon link, which has related links to some more of this guy's tapes.

Music and Music Theory

Art for Children
Here are some books on art therapy from Sterns bookstore.

Places and Projects
The best art places for children make your palms itch because you want so badly to go home and try to do it yourself!  Here are some places with really really neat installations and really neat ideas.  Even if you cannot physically go to these places, cruising the websites might give you some amazing ideas.

One of my all-time favorite children's activities is visiting the  Children's Museum of Manhatten.

Here's a project from the California Museum of Photography in Riverside, California:  Artist Lori Nix conjures tornadoes, blizzards, and insect infestations for her photographs through her elaborately created dioramas. Come make your own magical miniature world in a shoebox diorama.  (Now does this sound like a cool thing or what?)  For more projects, click on the link above and then type /sundays after the url.

Here's a link called Ilovelanguages.  Apparently it has tons of language-based resources.

Emotional Development
Links to article on Multiple Intelligences, a theory espoused by Howard Gardner.  Gardner claims that there is both a biological and a cultural basis for there being seven intelligences, instead of just two (verbal and computational.)  These seven are:.

Logical-Mathematical Intelligence--consists of the ability to detect patterns, reason deductively and think logically.

Linguistic Intelligence--involves having a mastery of language.

Spatial Intelligence--gives one the ability to manipulate and create mental images in order to solve problems.

Musical Intelligence-- the capability to recognize and compose musical pitches, tones, and rhythms.

Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence--is the ability to use one's mental abilities to coordinate one's own bodily movements.

The two Personal Intelligences-- interpersonal (feelings and intentions of others), and intrapersonal (one's own feelings and motivations)

Gifted child information
Just as I run into it, I'll post it on the Gifted page. 

Information on Autism and Neurological Disorders
Hello there!  This website has pages for Autism, ADHD, Occupational Therapy, Social Skills, and other developmental and medical stuff.  Enjoy.
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