The Anachronistic Mom's
[Ed Note: this page hasn't been touched since 2004. I'm working on it.]

Although I'm sure that I have some nice ironing tips around here somewhere (and a nice email about how to fold a shirt), I won't start with those.  No sirree.  I'll start with the most important part of domesticity - survival.

Survival sites
The epicenter has tips on drying books, making your own alternator and ... heck, they even sell MRE's!  Now that's new-style domesticity!  Unfortunately, they don't have the olive oil/cilantro hand soap that I like, but I'm sure they take requests.

Check out their tip o' the day!

Domesticity in the 00's
So what is domesticity in the 00's.  Is it a snugglebunny affair, where couples walk, hand in hand, through America's shopping paradise, acquiring thing, after thing, after thing...


Is it a paranoid affair, where we get scared about the future and what our whacked out leadership is doing in the world?  Where we worry about the future of our planet and the fact that our addiction to big, huge vehicles and big industry is wrecking life as we know it?


Is it a  joyful, neat affair, where families walk outside to see the beauty of raindrops on a just-blossoming tree, dig in the ground to plant little baby plants, and revel in the beauty of a patch of clover, a blooming flower, a perfect fern?

Only if you're lucky, bucko.

Domesticity Rules!
Rebuilding your house
Buying cupboards