I'm tossing this together in 10 minutes because my Kid Info Page has a reference called "Jungian sites."  Now there's a challenge. Take an ordinary, run-of-the mill mom's site and -- gosh, where is that Jungian theory page! I need it for, um, well, making a paper mache head for my kid!  Ironing two sheets of waxed paper together with crayon in it.  (Hmmn, maybe not.) 

This is getting scary.  Stick around for the RORSCHACH page!  <heh heh heh>.  25 inkblot patterns that you can do with your infant!  (Just kidding.)

OK. Where to start.  What's Jungian theory?  DREAM theory.  Ostensibly the shared unconscious symbols, or archetypes, and the analysis thereof.  Not a terrible thing to dip your toes into as you parent.

Here is an odiously-designed site about archetypes and dreaming.  How about that blue?  Ouch.

OK, so this is wierd.  I was playing on the internet, looking for archetype stuff for children (nope, nada.  My mother the educator says to not deal with abstraction at this age anyway, so ... maybe that's it.)  At any rate, I found a GAME.  Flames Rising.  Looks, um, interesting. So glad to see that you don' thave to steal cars, though.  Very imaginative.  Can you say derivative to the max?  Ah, well, at least they're honest about it.

The Anachronistic Mom's notes on
Dreams, Archetypes, and Jungian Theory