[Ed note: this page hasn't been touched since 2003 and was written while experiencing very little sleep.  It might be rude, and it's certainly out of date.  Might still be amusing, although I'm working on it.]

It's late, I'm tired, and all I can say is that there are a lot of very interesting people out there, doing interesting things.  Like Howard Rheingold.  Know him?  Well, you should.  Click on his name and read some of his essays. It will be good for you.  (I know, I know, what is J-Lo doing tonight?  But let's just put that particular issue at the back of your brain, and practice thinking. )  Here's a link to his online book called "The Virtual Community."  Go ahead.  read amongst and about yourselves!

Here are some more interesting things.  Hey, I know.  Let's read about this stuff and discuss it over dinner sometime, instead of talking about Bush or diapers!

People who comment
Bobos in Paradise is an interesting book commenting on the new lifestyles of the wealthy middle class.

Heard of the Sokal Affair?
After the Sokal Affair and Impostures Intellectuelles is a web page put together by Gen Kuroki about the affair where physics professor Alan Sokel faked out the intellectual elite back in 1996.

Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (need I say more?)

The Skeptics Dictionary speaks for itself.

Centre for Social Theory and Technology. Here are publications from their members.


Books with things to say
Doing Our Own Thing: The Degradation of Language and Music and Why We Should, Like, Care, by John McWhorter. (Manhatten Institute bio)
This book sounds like a kick.  What we could all really use though is some compelling taped classical poetry so that we could commit it to memory.  I'm serious.  It would probably also be a good defense for brain aging, especially if we added some mild calisthenics.

Interesting social movements
The Brights
About them
oops, guess the "bright meme thing" isn't working too well.

Ganguro Girls
Check this out. In Tokyo, this is the latest thing.  Blonde Japanese girls!

The Laws of Society
Searching to interpretations or alternatives to the ten commandments as examples of basic social contracts.  Want it to be readable -- entire books of Hobbes just won't work.

Overview to Social contract theory.  More on the contemporary approaches to the social contract.

Jewish Law interpretations of American Laws: Halacha and Contemporary Society
I just found this great fun. Very interesting stuff.  Jewish Law articles.

How's that for a grouping?  Here are some interesting academic websites:
MIT's Perceptual Science Group, includes links to current members and alumni.
MIT's Brain and Cognitive Sciences Group
Kanwisher lab, whose denizens study how the brain recognizes objects in a complex visual image.
The Anachronistic Mom's notes on
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