The Anachronistic Mom's notes on:
Cupboard Doors
I need to put some doors on my existing door boxes or whatever they're called.  What a pain.  Here are my search notes.

Door sources

Ameridoor Industries looks as though they might have mid-level quality doors.

US Shutter Company also lists cabinet doors as their product.

Actually, Kitchen Door Depot looks very nice.

4. Tony Martinez - Garcia. He is great, pays attention
to every detail, moves everything back the way it was
when he is done. I have been using him on the
interior and exterior of my home. A friend just
started using him in her home, and thinks he is great.
408-836-2793. Kathryn Weller

8. Yes, Daniel Hackett from Hackett Painting is terrific. We have used him for years.
He is in Menlo Park at 650-322-4287
Maryann Berkowitz

Did you know:
If you buy cherry wood and finish it with a koa stain it doesn't have that wierd, icky flourescent pink thing going on?