The Anachronistic Mom's
Travel Notes: France

Woohoo!  Going to Paris with our four year old!  THIS should be interesting!  It's April, 2005, and this page is about to get dusted off with all sorts of new research!  We will never forget our honeymoon.  During the France leg, we stopped in a lovely village, where everyone was picketing.  The students, we were told, were on strike!  In solidarity with one thing or another.  This has forever impressed my husband.

French Travel Books
There is a very amusing book called "French or Foe" that I would recommend if you know absolutely nothing about the French or if you might need to move there.  It seems that many Americans who move to France find themselves in hysterics and quickly on a flight home. This book was written to prevent that sort of thing.


Hotels in Paris
On our first trip to Paris, we stayed at a nice little hotel called the Hotel Sainte Beuve.  It's a three star hotel located in the 6th Arrondissement and was very cozy.  The people at the front desk were incredibly helpful.  As a matter of fact, they asked us if we liked our room, and, when we told them that it seemed a bit small, they opened up the door and gave us a second room! (for the same price)

The hotel has only 23 rooms and is a nice place to "start."  A little bare on the amenities, but quite friendly and very accessible.

Hotels in Paris if you're travelling with your child
This is a suggestion from my friend Pam:
"Last time we were there (June '02) I noticed a "Citadines" chain throughoutthe city, which I think is kind of like the "Apartotel" that I've seen elsewhere. I think it's more like a suite arrangement, which is ideal with a kid since you get some sort of kitchen facilities plus may be able to put him in a separate room! We briefly checked it out on the Internet when we got home and I think the rates were about $200 to $250 a night."