The Anachronistic Mom's notes on:
Maternity and Nursing Shopping
So what on earth is the difference between this link and, say having a baby?  Easy.  This link is when you're shopping for maternity or nursing clothing.  The other is when you're shopping for baby accoutrements.  I dunno.  Maybe I'll consolidate them one of these days.  But for now, check out the other one also.

Maternity shopping
My absolute favorite pants were the Japanese Weekend under-the-belly type, by the way.  Black cotton, could wear them with anything, incredibly comfortable!

Someone posted on a list recently about leather maternity pants.  Um, that's not really my style.  (Is that polite enough?)

Check out the Motherwear site for both maternity and nursing.
Babystyle has bought one of the links that I used to have in here.
Here's another one called BellaBlu.

And I found some very nice things at that place at the mall <laugh> Cannot remember the name of it but they were at Stanford shopping center - now closed.  Maybe I'll try to look it up. Aha!  A Pea in the Pod.  (I can't find a link to their nursing stuff, but it was very nice t-shirts and stuff.  Nothing wierd, with little strappy or lacy things.)  Now how on earth could I forget a snappy name like that?  Or -- here's another one.  I swear to God, there's something called the SwellMaternity eshop.  Interesting marketing tactic, that.

Formes is a french store that makes clothing for pregnant women.
I don't really think that One Hot Mama is designer maternity/nursing clothing, but it's not dull!

Maternity exercise clothing
Mothers-in-motion sells very nice maternity exercise clothing.
FitMaternity sells some too.  Nice to see that there's a lot more of this now than there was when I was pg in 2000.  Here's an article on it.

Nursing brassieres

Here's a recommendation from a girlfriend of mine.  She's big up top.   Macy's carries a stellar Underwire Nursing bra that is comfortable and functional! It is an Olga style 36309.

Nursing Clothing
Awesome nursing clothing is at Motherwear.

Cotton nursing bras
For some extremely odd reason, I became allergic to even one tiny smidgen of polyester on my breasts when I was pregnant!  Yup, that, eating entire honeydew melons, and having my feet stop working. Very odd.  At any rate, I found Decent Exposures, which sells cotton bras.  I wouldn't say that they give you much support, but hey.  They are very comfortable!