The Anachronistic Mom's notes on:
Kitchen Remodeling
I need to put some doors on my existing door boxes or whatever they're called.  What a pain.  Here are my search notes.

About Butcher Block Counters
II have unfinished butcher block countertops and love them.  Mine were relatively inexpensive - I couldn't find any fancy ones.  They're fine. I oil them and am careful of water.

Here's a note about water and countertops from the internet: :If you want to use wood around water, use a tropical hardwood such as teak or most any wood that grows in wet or swampy areas. Yellow Pine works well. These woods have a lot of natural oils in them that help keep from staining"

Also, I was referred to John Boos for high-quality butcher block counter tops and cutting boards.

Someone just said that they made a countertop out of this cherry wood. Sounds beautiful.

What type of backsplash goes with butcher block counters?
I'm looking for this one.
Did you know:
If you buy cherry wood and finish it with a koa stain it doesn't have that wierd, icky flourescent pink thing going on.