Are you ready for a little rant about the general level of literacy in our country?  About the fact that the vaunted New York Times lets people write things like "there's lots of" in the front page of their newspaper?  About the fact that ... oh, did you shake your head?  Sheesh.  You know, if nobody's going to listen to those of us who like to get up a nicely nasty (and literate) head of steam, well then that's just another indicator that our society is going to hell in a handbasket.

Write well.  It's the best revenge.

This site is being created
Hello there.  As you can see from scrolling through this site, I've been busy writing instead of putting together a writing page.  Come on back sometime, but this will probably be filled later than the really scintillating stuff, like where to buy linens. 
Shallowly,  Kate

General writing resources
This isn't a book, it's a site called Using English.  Apparently you can actually talk to an english teacher!   Some bad jokes could be made about that, but I won't stoop to them.

Karen has a website with massive amounts of links.  Here are her writing links.

This link is called indispensable writing links.

I saved this incredibly enthusiastic review:

It's called In the Palm of Your Hand (The Poet's Portable Workshop) by Steve Kowit (1995). WOW! I have a few how-to-write-poetry books that I like but this one is AWESOME. It blows the rest of them away. It takes you through step-by-step and the actual examples of poetry in the book are truly great.

So you want to write and sell a column?
I've been talking with a friend of mine, Kytka, who has a wonderful site about Waldorf home schooling.  This has led to a discussion of how to market a column.  In researching, I found the following:

Book: You can Write a Column.  This book didn't get very good reviews (check 'em out), but could it really be the only book out there that talks about writing and selling columns?

Other recommended authors:  Michael Sedge,

And here's one of Amazon's listmania lists containing good books for freelance writers.

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