You know, I hadn't even thought about this as a topic until I ran across this one site which made me think.  Check it out.  It's the American Library Association's list of sites for kids.

And here's a site from Australia called, which is supposed to include the best sites from around the world. The site contains more than 20,000 child safe sites in more than 4,000 categories.

AskScott, the internet's virtual reference librarian, also has a search site for youth websites.

Have you heard of the Internet Public Library's kidspace site?  Very neat.  Their Culture Quest feature is very neat.

And here is what looks like a very helpful site called Kidsclick! Web search for kids by librarians.

This site is called The internet kids and family yellow pages. It has pretty good content in all sorts of parent and kid categories.  It includes 100 hot sites for families.

This site called Kid Health is aimed at kids and talks about physical and emotional health.

The Kid Health site also has a Teen Health page that talks about all sorts of sex education questions.

Creative sites
This one has something for everyone!
Jan Brett's home page

Book and character sites
In Finland, one of the most popular children's book series is about the Muumis and is written by Tove Jansson.  These books are for ages 9-12 and some are listed here on the Amazon site.

This is really neat.  Uncle Remus Site  This site is part of a project to put Joe Harris' writing online.  Here's a description from their site:  "Uncle Remus: Social Context and Ramifications is an attempt to reintroduce Harris' tales, and his legendary narrator, while placing them in a historical context. The primary sources and commentaries we offer hopefully will shed light on Harris' purpose in publishing his stories and the public response to both his Remus tales and his other works. They will make observations about post-Civil War black culture, and Southern society in general, using the stories and the reactions they engendered as points of reference.

Hopefully, this collection will offer other students of the South one or two new insights into the region's endlessly complex myths and meanings. "

You can find, print, and read the original stories right from this site.

Sites for parents to read
Here's an article called Child Safety on the Information Highway
It contains Guidelines for Parents, which you really should read.

Baby/Kid sites
Zelo's site lists all nursery rhymes.

Mom's Storytelling Page

Mom's Reading and Media Page

Mom's Dyslexia Page

Mom's Learning Handwriting page

Websites for Kids
The Anachronistic Mom's