The Anachronistic Mom's notes on:
Psychological Disorders
I really don't have much on this, but just ran into an interesting site which, although somewhat esoteric, seems like a good resource.

Borderline Personality Disorder
I just ran into a very intriguing site called 'MY BPD" which has a wonderful description of borderline personality disorder symptoms.   The lady that put the page together included a page called the emotional blackmail page, which is for a person BEING emotionally blackmailed. It's lovely. It tells you responses to common emotional blackmailing approaches. 

Hystrionic Personality Disorder
Here's her page on hystrionic personality disorder. Frankly, as a writer, this stuff is meat and potatoes for fleshing out characters (a terribly inappropriate statement for a "medical" section of a website, but hey, it's my site.)

Narcissism and Pathological Narcissism
And here is the biggest website around about narcissism!  Interesting stuff.  Here's the page  that contains a book called "Malignant Self-Love.  Narcissism Revealed"  Oh my goodness. Here are his journal entries on narcissism.  Seems like a pretty good thinker, to me.

Sexual Disorders
I have just read about a  group called Child Molestation and wanted to link to them from here.

Funky Alternative Treatments
Although I know that alternative treatments crawl out of the woodwork with alarming frequency, I'll list some of them, just for interest. I'll try to list the corresponding article about them from Quackwatch.

Here's a supplement called EMPowerplusEMPowerplus.  I read through the site, looking for medical backup information, but unfortunately go to the references to God first.  Here's the corresponding notation about EMPowerplus from the Quackwatch Index of Questionable Treatments.