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Years ago I put together a comprehensive infertility web page for my own use.  Well, I'm looking at the nasty infertility problem again, and this page is to store some of my old links, and to file some new ones.  Ladies:  people on these links know what they're talking about! I wish you great good luck.  Remember: it's not the journey, it's the parenthood.

The Best Infertility Sites Around
My favorite of all time, since it hooked me up with the list that I still use (probably the most literate and educated list I've ever been on in my life, by the way), is  I am on the Fortility list, by the way, which is for women forty and over (what?  you thought I was a kid?  Not a chance.) 

Many people swear by RESOLVE, which is the national organization for infertility.
INCIID is the International Council on Infertility Information Dissemination, Inc.

I was just referred to the IVF Connections Board, with the following comment.   "You
will find tons of information on IVF in California at the link above.

WebMD has a new online fertility center.  It has great answers to the basic fertility questions.
And don't forget that you can always go to and read their collected information on infertility.

Some individuals have fertility sites that contain personal and extremely useful information. 
Ask Lenore is an information resource for couples who are expanding their families via adoption, surrogacy, or traditional pregnancy as well as those who are experiencing infertility and/or recurrent miscarriage.

I don't really know Internet Health Resources but they claim that they are "your hub for infertility education, services, and products"

The Best Clinics and Doctors around.
In the San Francisco area, these are the best:

Dr. Zouves
Here's an email about Zouves from a girlfriend:  "I just got the newsletter "Fertile Thinking"
from the Zouves Fertility Center, the clinic which our RE opened a few years
ago after separating from Pacific Fertility Center.  Anyway, it shows their
"clinical pregnancy" rates (defined as seeing a fetal sac and/or heartbeat
at 6 weeks of gestation), for the year ended 12/31/2001:

under 35                                59%
35-39                                    38%
40-42                                    40%
43 or over - vintage eggs         13%
ovum donation, all ages           68%
Surrogacy                              50%
FET                                       36%

Wow, I think these results are incredible.  I would always recommend Zouves
anyway because he did a great job for us, and because he is so nice.  But
these results are amazing."

Dr. Sher's SIRM center is now in Chicago, Las Vegas, and Sacramento.  Sher is basically the only doctor who deals with the problem of  thin uterine lining.

Tha Advanced Infertility Center of Chicago has gotten recommendations.

Notes on Specific Infertility Conditions
This is not in any way comprehensive, although I might ask a few girlfriends who has gone through the different conditions to send me some links or a summary. 

Thin Uterine Lining
My fertility problem (well, besides now being in my forties) is a thin uterine lining.  Viagra and Endoline are two possible therapies.  Dr. Sher at SIRM  is said to be the foremost specialist in this field.


I just don't know all that much about adoption.  I'll ask people I know to send in links for favorite adoption places, though, which might be some help. 

Adoptive Breastfeeding
Lenore Goldfarb, B.Comm, B.Sc, IBCLC, who is a Lactation Educator, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, and author of the Ask Lenore website, is also co-author of the Newman-Goldfarb protocols for Induced Lactation: The Guide for Maximizing Milk Supply together with Dr. Jack Newman, a renowned breastfeeding expert.  Lenore has followed these protocols two times to breasfeed, and she tells me that thousands of women have found these protocols helpful.

Complementary Treatments
A woman with endometriosis has started a company called Thirst for Wellness which helps people minimize their stress. (2005)

Extremely alternative healing
Barbara Brennan's school of healing