The Anachronistic Mom's notes on
General Wellness
I live in California and come across all sorts of information about general wellness. Of course it's all linked.  Fertility/menopause, joint health, protection from colds and flus... especially when dealing with small children and as we age, I think, we pay attention to this stuff.

Here are some general bits of information that I'm picking up. I'm putting them here because I will use them when needed. And perhaps you will also.

General wellness stuff
Have you heard of Mama'  They seem to have nice stuff.

Flu stuff
It's the worst flu season in a long time, and they ran out of the shot the day before my kid was to get it.  Also, everybody in my household is sick right now.  What am I taking? (and will it work?  Let's see!)

Yin Chiao
Great stuff.  A chinese medicine.  Take it the instant that
you think you might be getting sick.  Get the stuff in the
green box, not one of those strange substitutions.  It comes
in little glass vials with 8 pills per.  4 pills in the morning, 4
at night, for as many days as you wish.  I personally find
that it mitigates the severety of stuff when I do get sick, too.

Sambucol Immune System Formula
Made in Israel (those people don't kid around) by a renowned
virologist.  Sounded good enough for me.  I got the kind with
echinacea and zinc.  Also has vitamin C and propolis in it.
The link I have given had the best price.

Miscellaneous Hylands homeopathic remedies
I bought one called Flu.  Sounds good.  Also, one called
something like C-plus cold tablets for Simon. I loved their
teething stuff, both the pills and the cream, and I also like
their Calms pills for relaxing. 

Health and wellness newsletters
I used to get the UCB Health and Wellness newsletter.  It's good.