I'm in my forties now and thank goodness no longer even think that I should be jogging!  For one thing, all of that exercise stuff bores me to tears. For another, I'm just a slug, I guess. 

I'm not all that fond of massages either, but there are some types that have really helped me.  In particular, there's this thing called neuromuscular massage which has done wonders for my tendinitis.  WONDERS.

As someone who was raised in the Northern California mountains in the seventies, I grew up learning to give massages.  I real ALL of the books, learned the massage stuff by the time I was about ... um, 14?  Not a lot of mystique.  Am not particularly fond of being touched by strangers, either, unless I really like them/they're really good, and not to sound like a curmudgeon, but many aren't.

Neuromuscular massage
This stuff rocks. Here's the only link that I have to it, although I plan on researching it in the future.  Apparently St. John gives neuromuscular seminars.

It's all I can do to actually exercise -- I certainly haven't gotten around to writing about it. My apologies.

I used to get the UCB Health and Wellness newsletter.  It's good.

If you ever get a chance to take Pilates classes on the reformer, do so. Doesn't matter what your gender is, the reformer is awesome.  My body loved Pilates, not least because you only do each exercise five times and it's almost impossible to get bored doing something FIVE times.

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