The Anachronistic Mom's notes on:
Teaching her child at 4
My son is home with me for not all that much longer.  School is looming, although I find myself snarling as I chat with other moms in the park. One mother was amazingly casual as she told me that her son started Kindergarten and "now he's in the bottom third of his class."  Excuse me?  You START OUT IN KINDERGARTEN by getting class rankings?  Oh my goodness.  This is not a good thing.  This mom said that her son couldn't hold his pencil as well as the other children (duh, his brain hasn't developed enough yet) so his handwriting isn't as good.  Oh my.

We'd like to have a framework within which we can teach. I am starting in several different ways.

First off, what is his weekly schedule?   In between other things, we have Monday afternoons, all day Wednesday, and Friday mornings.  We can also have after 4 pm on Tuesday.

Overarching framework
Where in space
Where in time.

Useful Sites

Songs for schooling

Dodoland is for kids to make art

Christmas around the world

Possible Websites

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stories read online:
aesops fables

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