Every kid has lumps, warts, and bumps in the road.  If your child's lumps and bumps include a learning disability, here are some of the links that I've run into that might help.

First off, there's the link that spawned this entire page. It's called 100 web tools for learning with a disability.

Secondly, consult the Dyslexia and Homeschooling pages, both of which list resources.

And third, check out the Educational Software page.

ADHD and Attention Tools
One of the tools that's used for ADHD children is a clipboard with a timer on it. The timer goes off every 5 minutes and if the child is paying attention, they color in an animal. After they color in a whole page, they get a prize.

There's a new wristwatch that's made for the very same purpose. 

Here are also some notes:

Reading Programs
The Ball-Stick-Bird method of teaching reading by Renee Fuller  claims that it can be successfully used by the learning disabled,
severely brain damaged and low IQ students.  The publication is quite pricey and I have no idea if it's any good.   However, here's an overview of it.  It is based on extremely sound principals. 

Disability Learning Tools and Techniques
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Learning Social Skills