When my son was 2 and a half or so he asked me to teach him Spanish.  And we did. For about three years we worked on Spanish.  It was great fun.  I landscaped our house during this time and many of the workers that we hired spoke at least one form of Spanish or another. My son's first word in Spanish was "pala."

At about three, he was in his stroller one day when he leaned back and said "I'm from Mexico."  Cool. 

And then we went and tossed the poor kid into a German immersion program, losing all of his Spanish!

My child is now in first grade at the local German immersion school.   Here are my notes and resources for learning a foreign language.  For now, it is very German-intensive.  I hope that we can get back to Spanish, though!

First off, an article called "Tips for Raising a Bilingual Child."

Have you heard of the multilingual children's assocation?
Foreign language teaching ideas.

Music for Kids
Interesting-looking sites for getting children's music and lyrics thereof.

Mama Lisa's World - songs for children

From the German Culture website: songs
German Songs for children
From the "About" site: German songs for children
50 German songs and rhymes

Here's a site that has educational music for all sorts of stuff. I'm not blown away by the selections but here you go.

The mom who wrote the "tips for raising a bilingual child" above recommends the following groups:

“Detlev Jöcker & “Rolf Zukowski”

Books for Kids and Bookstores
Mantralingua makes books in all languages.
About.com has a page that lists North American stores that sell German books.
Here's About.com's list of online bookstores  that sell German books.

Good German Websites (for learning German)
Gut looks excellent.
Here is a German Kindergarten's links page. Lots of German games (although I have yet to find one that talks in German... grrr)

Here is information about
Word of the day in German - terrible ui
great looking links

Support Groups

Teaching Software

Programs for German Learning
Summer programs for 9 and over in Germany.
More German programs (non-summer)

Music and Stuff for Adults Learning German

Websites for Adults Learning German
How to use your first language to learn your second: article
Resources in German as Foreign Language sites

Optimnem looks very good

I just had to put this in. It's an awesome list for people learning English.

Here's a German language support wiki I put together for my kid's school.

Sites by German educators.

The German page

Learning Languages - German
The Anachronistic Mom's notes on