Homeschoolers can teach you a lot about pre-planning both active and quiet events (and trading them off, so that your child can exercise, have quiet time, and then get up and run around again.) You can learn a lot from how homeschoolers structure their time and energy. And no, you don't have to be teaching your kid how to read at age 1. You can just give them fun activities!  Sometimes, any structure helps.

Secular homeschooling preschool links
This is from Easy Fun School.  I like it.  check out their How to learn about "A" section.  The rest of the letters are in their Introducing the Alphabet series.

They also have a "have a [color] day" series.  Here's Have a Blue Day.  Other colors are here.

You have to purchase the Calvin preschool program but their materials look pretty good.  I like the letter template.  I find that it's a big help to my child.

Activities to keep preschoolers busy during homeschooling
Here are some great sites with really wonderful ideas.  Free play is grand, but this stuff is better:
Keep busy during homeschooling
Paula's preschool activities
Michelle's preschooler activities

Computer games for preschoolers
I know that I will be struck by lightening by the God of Homeschooling (secular) for this, but at 4, my kid has finally been let onto the computer and he adores it.  He's so far only played the

Richard Scarrey "Busytown" game, which is wonderful, by the way.

And now I have let him play the Sesame Street games.

Here are some others that I might allow: bills itself as having educational games, and apparently also comes in french!

And I definitely will sign him up for's site, which has games that teach reading.  [Note: I did this. It's too much for him. I didn't like their usage of ONLY lower-case letters -- he'd never seen them.)  For example, their "a" looked like an "e" to him.  He also found it very frustrating.  He's just not there developmentally, which is fine.]

Homeschooling resources
Here's a site called that has Zaner-Bloser alphabet sheets for free.  You can print them out and practice on them.

Notes on Homeschooling for Preschoolers
The Anachronistic Mom's notes on