Iguazu Falls
The last time I was there they had extensive footbridges for
walking out over the top of the falls and boat at the bottom of
the falls.  Both were incredibly safe (IMO).  I'd skip the flight
to Foz and instead take a bus (though Aerolinas Argentinas was
quite safe IMO) - the busses in S.America are incredibly
luxurious and you get more of the flavor of the country.  You
could also take the train and bus.

The boat trip into the falls was thrilling, my recollection is
that it was a heavy inflatable type thing, somewhat resembling a
whitewater raft, but with a powerful engine.  What I do remember
was that our guide was a total cowboy at the helm, making it fun
but definitely scary, we all screamed and got wet a lot.
We also did a great trip that was much gentler, more of a
nature/wildlife watching trip that was up above the falls.  I
think it was a half-day trip through jungle in a boat that the
guide moved along with a large pole.


Parque das Aves
Piece of cake.  Took the boats.  They're all perfectly safe in
non-American standards.  OK, no one in South America uses
seatbelts or carseats. Get over it and have fun.  Aerolineas is
safe too.  Iguazu is one of the most wonderful experiences my
family and I have ever shared.  If you are staying on the
Argentine side, go to the Brazilian side also.  Parque das Aves
(bird park) is a must. 

We went to Argentina this past summer with our children ages 10
and 13.  We had a wonderful trip and Iguazu Falls is definitely
one of the highlights.  The park is well designed so that you
can see the falls by walking the extensive footpaths (many
people push strollers on these paths) as well as the multitude
of rafts and boats. There are also restaurants and cafes in a
central area, and on weekends and holidays, lots of tourist,
including many Argentineans there for the first time. We all
went on the motor rafts that go under the falls and get you all felt very safe and very touristy...and you really just
get close to the spray from the falls verses venturing right
into the middle of the falls.  It will probably be very hot and
steamy in December.

I am from Brazil and have been to the Iguacu Falls several
times. are going to have a great time. Do not worry
about the boat getting stuck. Honestly, Ihave never heard of
such a thing or a bad story.The boat is not a yacht, but is
fine for the purpose.
As for the airline, I have never used aerolineas argentinas,
but have heard that they are pretty good.

You go by a
zodiac boat with 2 outboard motors to the base of the falls not
on top of it..not too much unlike doing the ''blueberry'' boat
at Niagra Falls. And after seeing Iguazu Falls...Niagra was a
toilet in comparison! Be prepared to get WET though...I'm
talking soaked. Some operators will take you directly under one
of the lesser falls. Ever experienced the ''Luge'' at the
Claremont Spa? Similar feeling if you happen to be sitting at
the right spot on the boat. Everyone wears a life preserver and
kids are OK too. The actual boat ride is pretty smooth. Half of
the time is looking at the flora and fauna of the jungle. I'm
not sure what role the weather will play on your trip but I went
in May and it was pleasant. The name of the boat tour company we
used was Macuco Boat Safari

I'm not sure which hotel or what side of the Falls you'll be
staying but we stayed at the Tropical Das Caratas which is
located in the middle of the national park on the Brazil side.
It's one of the best views of the falls if you should choose to
forgo the boat tour. There's a path that you can walk that gets
you pretty close to the falls.

Also, if you get a chance to and you want to brave it, I
recommend a helicopter ride over the falls. The company I used
was Helisul Taxi Aereo LTDA (phone: 0(21)45 523-1190) I have to
say I have my most awesome pictures of the falls from that short
heliopter ride!

Lastly, about the airplane ride. I believe the one you mentioned
is the only line that flies from Buenos Aires to Iguazu and
deposits you on the Argentina side. If you fly to the Brazil
side you have to pay expensive international airfares. We
literally walked over the country line to get to the other side
to avoid the fees...this with help from a guide of course. The
flight was no more eventful than any we take on domestic
flights...think Southwest.

Costa Rica

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