The Anachronistic Mom's
Travel Notes: Italy
Ah Italy. Who doesn't want to travel there, to live there?  Sounds great to us.  Awesome cultural heritage, beautiful language, great seafood, interesting locations (well, some of them), pleasant people, and .... they can cook! Boy can they cook. 

Travel Agents and Comments
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Recommended Realtor Site for Italian Properties
We've run into some realtors in Italy.  Mostly Germans, I believe.  I guess that there was a huge influx to Italy about 15 years ago.  Tons of Europeans bought homes at that time, just so that they could get ready to charge millions of hapless American Yuppies top dollar.  And why not?  Tradition! is a realty site owned by an italian "master renovator" of old properties.  Do you feel as though you haven't really experienced enough house renovating in your life?  Well, then, perhaps buying a foreign property and having your nice realtor renovate it for you is in your future!  (Seriously, though, this site has been highly recommended.  I dunno.  If I ever get kitchen doors put back into my house, I'll probably look upon renovation with a less jaundiced eye...)