The Anachronistic Mom's
Health Notes on
Lung Cancer
Lung cancer has some of the best research sites and support groups around.  To start with, see the Overview Page, and make sure that you read the Cancer overview information.

Also, don't forget to find the Lung Cancer support group on the ACOR organization boards.  Again, go to the ACOR organization, type "lung cancer" or whatever your condition is into the search box, and click "search."  Then sign up.  People will help you on these boards. 

The Best Lung Cancer Sites Around
I might be wrong on this (and please feel free to email me to change or update this list), but here is a starter list of excellent lung cancer resources.
Karen Parles' Lung Cancer Online - for highly targeted lung cancer

ALCASE - the only national group
for lung cancer patients and survivors

BAC masquerading as pneumonia

LIFE Bronchoscopy

Johns Hopkins pulmonary function test values

Clifton Mountain's lymph nodes of the midchest
(Excellent for understanding chest nodes' effect on staging)

Stats on funding for lung cancer

I'd love to hear what resources have worked for you.  Please just

The Best Clinics and Doctors around.

Recommendations for