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Welcome!  This site is under constant construction.  Started at the end of 2003, it already has large amounts of information, but the structure will evolve (to put it politely).  Think of it as an externalized "memory mansion."  Or maybe just a mental kitchen table.
In 2009, I'm still using it as a filing system for interesting information that I find - and I get the nicest feedback from readers.
Although I'm currently tracking issues of school-aged children (see the  Education page for information on learning to read, learning math, Dyslexia, and so forth), when I started this website, my son was only two. 
If you have a younger child, I'd suggest looking at the KidInfo section and Fun things to do with kids
If you have a 3/4 year old, check out the Education section, and the Homeschooling section in particular.  There are some wonderful ideas of what to do at home with a 3/4 year old (and younger).  
I'm working on sections for ADHD and Dyslexia, and the Occupational Therapy page talks about the importance of movement for brain development in children. 
I just started a page on Health and the Environment, but it's going slowly.
Just started new pages on Sensory Integration and Graphic Novels.  Am currently updating the Gifted page as well.
I'd still recommend the Reading, Media (which includes a real jump into storytelling waters),  and Books for Kids, which includes a list of my three year old's favorite books.
If you have any friends who are sick, I'd recommend that they look into the Overview of medical research on the internet section on the Medical page.  There are a lot more medical sections now, too.
If you know of kid-friendly places to vacation, please email me.
And if you want to follow me on twitter, email me.
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Site of the Month
Want to see something terrifying?  Check out the Mental Health and Environmental Exposures fact sheet for parents, teachers, and doctors, which discusses the connections between environmental exposures to physical and chemical agents with mental health symptoms and conditions.

More Amusing Sites
Site created by parents to teach saving:
Smart Piggy Bank

And here's a little something if you drink diet cola:
A mom fed aspartame to rats for 2 years in her own study.

Cool New Book Picks
Book Spot has the best reading lists around (by librarians)
And here's a really wonderful children's game site

Media Reviews and Alternatives
            These sites have             great information for parents!
Commonsense Media
Kidsnet (includes TV)
Here's a link from the kiddie media criticism page, which includes media watching guidelines written by Dr. Burke, a family psychiatrist in SF.   Also, here are some good ideas for alternatives to TV watching